Presently, I make part of the Academic Staff at the University of Malta Junior College in Msida, Malta. Employed as a Lecturer, my duties include:

  • All forms of pedagogic work including classroom/workshop/laboratory teaching; tutorial work and administration of assignments.  Generally, this entails associated organizational and administrative work, preparation, marking, assessment, examination and appropriate student academic counselling.
  • Administrative work including responsibilities related to participation in appropriate team and committee meetings, course management including induction, assessment, preparing statistical returns including attendance, retention rates, examination results, student progress, monitoring review and evaluation, participation in quality assurance and control procedures.
  • Staff development work including the conduct of and participation in in-service training program and participation in staff appraisal.

On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for the lecturing at the Physics Department as required by the College. In particular, I am responsible for the teaching of Physics at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

I am also responsible to teach the following units to students following an extended National Diploma in Applied Science (Laboratory & Industrial Science) at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology:

  • Using Mathematical Tools for Science
  • Mathematical Calculations for Science
  • Using Statistics for Science

At MCAST my responsibilities include:

  • Curriculum development work including identification of consumer requirements, planning development and evaluation of courses and course material and supervision of course provision.
  • Research and consultancy work including individual or collaborative research and consultancy work agreed by College management.

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