“An educator above everything. An introvert and strict person in the classroom and personal life. A self-controlled and disciplined leader who finds good command to control the action rather than the emotion. Organised and possessive, everything in place. A person who hates sharing his possessions and does not tolerate anyone to intervene his organisational skills.  A very perfectionist helpful hand, always in the forefront to assist. Very tolerant towards others’ opinion and discourages unnecessary judgement.

External noise is always unwanted; from bedroom to classroom. Jack of all trades; preferring to solve problems himself and doing what has to be done. At last but not least, a very loving and caring person. That is him, Christopher Busuttil”


Curriculum Vitae


When I was eight years old I was encouraged to join the Naxxar Scouts Group. In a couple of days I managed to become registered with the group. I can remember the first meeting very clearly where the Cub Scout Leaders (Willie and Mario) welcomed me and told me very clearly:

Once a scout, always a scout!”

I could not truly understand this statement that time but I do understand it today because even though I diminished my activity with the group due to other priorities, I still live the life of a scout. Since then, Scouting has become my life. It is not the meeting every week or the camping every year but a lifestyle of honesty and skill.

Throughout the years, I was lucky enough to experience all sections of the organisation within a group. The short photostory shown below proves this. It illustrates photos of my early years as a Cub Scout to adventures within the Troop Section ending up with qualifications at leadership levels within the group. This build-up of experience and adventure is the main ingredient of my character formation; an adventurous one indeed!

Apart from scouting, I have been interested in aviation from a young age. I can still remember my mum telling me that I have always insisted to become an airline pilot as a future career. As a matter of fact, I joined a local aviation school in 1997 and managed to qualify as a Private Pilot. I got my PPL before I got my car’s license! Further down the line, destiny asked me not to advance in aviation but to handle its underlying sciences more seriously. In fact, I joined the University of Malta to read a first degree in Mathematics and Physics while keeping flying activities as my own pleasure. The following photostory illustrates some of the activities I enjoy with my friends up in the sky.

Why don’t you step on board a short flight around these beautiful islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino; including both take-off and landing at Gudja International Airport?

Have a nice trip 🙂

Ladies and gentleman, it was nice flying with you!



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