To all the Teachers who try to make a Difference

17 May

I admit that in the past I did not only teach good physicists but also good poets. Let me share with you a very nice poem written by Sarah Ciappara who studied Physics in group 6A with me in 2010-2011. The poem is dedicated to all teachers who taught her and tried to make a difference in her life.

Here, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation for such nice words and respect for the teacher. Well done to Sarah and may I publicly wish you luck in your studies.

Sarah wrote:

“I wish to thank every teacher,

Because they are an important feature,

In the process of shaping our future.

For sure,

They manage to find a cure,

For all those who are immature,

And act like a fool,

Thinking that they are cool,

By skipping school.

Despite the little they earn,

They help everyone learn,

And try to solve every concern.

They honestly try their best,

Without any rest,

To help us pass every test.

They are at times taken for granted,

But nonetheless, their care is never tainted,

Because they never show hatred.

It’s like they are enchanted,

Apart from being strong hearted.

I may not be an A-student,

But I am prudent,

And feel confident,

When I say;

That in their own way,

Every teacher leaves an impact,

On every student they manage to affect,

Or correct,

And in the right track, direct.

Yup, it’s an irrefutable fact J

I like to thank them because they never tire,

Nor fail to inspire,

All the students to aim higher,

And ignite their inner fire.

They are vital for every society,

Because they impact every faculty,

And although they don’t believe in vanity,

They do believe in prosperity,

And with great clarity,

I think that they manage to influence reality.

Dedicated to all the teachers who crossed my path,

No matter how tough the trail,

May you always prevail,

And never fail,

Or bail.”

Sarah Ciappara

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